Voted #1 Bear Factory in Eastern Tennessee, Country Bear Factory is a fun place for children to build their own stuffed animals.



  1. Pick Your New Friend

Every adoption at the Country Bear Factory should begin at the "Bins." At the bins, you'll meet our currently available friends and be able to choose the one that will make the best friend for you! Bears, dogs, horses, and even dinosaurs have been available in the bins in the past. Stop in to see what kind of friends you can make today. The price includes your new friend's skin, stuffing and an adoption certificate that names you and your animal as friends.


    2. Make Your Friend
Now you are ready to bring your friend to life with a little imagination! Just go to the Stuffing Machine and a factory worker will be ready to help you out. You'll get to press on a floor pedal that will control how much stuffing will go into your friend. Don't worry, the factory worker will make sure you get to hug your friend to see if he or she is too hard, too soft, or just right. After you are happy with how your friend's hugs feel, the factory worker will help you bring your friend's heartbeat to life! This is where you need to be silly and use your imagination. Be ready to make a wish, because that's what brings our friends to life here at the Country Bear Factory!

     3. Clean Your Friend
Your next stop is the Bear'ber Shop. A great way to keep your Country Bear friend clean is to give him an "air bath." Just flip the switch at the Bear'ber Shop, and air will come out of the nozzle. You can move the hose around and brush your friend's fur to make him or her look really nice before they leave the factory for the first time!

    4.  Name Your Friend
At the Adoption Station, you'll get to make a certificate that says the stuffed animal you just made is your new best friend. Ted E. Bear runs the Adoption Station, and he'll appear on the computer screens to help you type your name and a name for your friend which will print out on a certificate at the cash registers when you are ready to leave.

    5. Dress It Up!!!
Look around the factory at the clothing and accessories we have available for your new friend! There are outfits, costumes, pajamas, and even sunglasses and shoes for you to try on your new friend! Please feel free to try the clothing on your friend. We want to make sure you are picking out a perfect look that you really like. Remember, you and your friend are always welcome to come back and visit us at the Factory to look for new clothing.